Let's consecrate ourselves to the Lord and sanctify our fast unto Him. Sanctify your fast of today unto the Lord.

The word that I have on my heart this morning is "Better". Better days are here, better things. The Lord says "I will do more for you than I did in the past"
(You can start to bring the covenants you want to renew to the altar)

2. Join me in praising God, I have seen His goodness! Join me in praising God, you will see His goodness!

3. Mma mma Ekele (x4). Almighty God, hallowed be Your name.

4. Oyigiyigi Olu Orun, Atoba j'aye Eleda oun gbogbo, Gbobo araiye iba m’oriki Re, bawo ni iba se dun to!

5. On the Mountain, in the valley, on the land, and in the sea (x2). The Lord is my portion in the land of the of the living, the Lord is good forevermore (x2)

6. I will praise the Lord (x3), with my whole heart (x2), I will praise the Lord. Precious people, praise the Lord.

7. The Most Excellent King is Jesus, shout Hallelujah, Amen.

8. Ancient of Days, as old as You are (x2), You will never change.

I see the Lord bringing some peculiar anointing on God's people this morning: The anointing to KNOW HOW. And that anointing will help you to organize your life, your business, your home.

You will not be among those who say they do not know what to do! The anointing of order and structure.

Genesis 1 is the picture I see in my spirit when God moved the waters to gather in one place.

Divine organization is coming upon some people - to organize your life, things, children - for maximum productivity. It's an anointing that shows you how to do it!

Jesus feeding the 5,000 had to get them in groups first of all; the miracle begins after organisation. Some of you have a disorganized life which is the reason why divine things have been missing in your life. This morning, I see God bringing an anointing of strength.

(Every father come to the altar). 

And every woman here, I want you to bring your life under the order of God - Don't bring witchcraft into your home thereby destroying the future!

A strong leader is a blessing but a weak leader is a curse to the people! Everywhere there is disorder, disease is going to come there. Failure follows lack if structure. Genuine liberty comes out of order and discipline.

When you are under the anointing of order, always respect authority everywhere you go. Every time you break order; you lose order – you must respond to order everywhere. Whether it is the traffic light or in your workplace.

Order is what brings deliverance, healing, health and preserves life.

I see God bringing that anointing upon everyone that is in any leadership position. God said this morning: Better days are here, I will do better things for you than I have done. You better days are here! – better jobs, better testimonies, better results. Better is a word of comparison, 2016 will end for us better than we started.

9. The Most High reigneth in my life today

Put your hand on your forehead and declare that word over yourself – The Most High reigns in my life! In our Church, in your body, in your career, in your workplace, the Most High reigns!

Lift your hands to the Lord everyone as Daddy proclaims the Word of the Lord from Isaiah 61

Yesterday God told us about 3 bus stops with the third bus stop being ‘SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!’

I declare over you GOOD NEWS! Bringers of Good tidings are coming your way!

I release the anointing to heal broken hearts!

I proclaim and release liberty for anyone under captivity – spiritually, mentally, financially, generationally, BE FREE in JESUS NAME!

Every prison door opens! I call every prisoner out of the prison

I proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour over you – it is the year of Double Portion, the year of Jubilee! I declare that 2017, will be a year of the Lord’s favour over your life and this Church

I declare the vengeance of the Lord over every enemy of your life and this Church

I declare DIVINE COMFORT over your life, all-round comfort!

I declare divine appointment over you in Jesus Name

I speak over you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning

I declare over you the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness

(Daddy proclaims the remaining part of Isaiah 61)

Men and women you don’t know will arise to work for you

Everywhere you have had shame in the past, you step into DOUBLE HONOUR

I speak over you, all these covenants are renewed in your life in Jesus Name!

Place your hands on your forehead and receive it! You step into this dimension from today.

Bring out your fasting seed. Present it unto the Lord and send it ahead of yourself into 2017.

I had a revelation of the Lord and I see help coming for people from outside the country. There is a link that will come for some people from outside the country just like God took Joseph to a foreign land. It is not something you will manipulate so pray and be very sensitive so you don’t miss it.

Grace has been shared.

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Fasting Seed

  • Fasting seed: You are to choose a daily consistent amount of money minimum N100; That you are going to sow as your seed every day during the time of the 40 days fast. The seed is to connect you to ABUNDANCE IN 2016.  Decide the amount make sure it is commensurate with what you expect from God in 2016, You can tie it to things that are ahead of you in 2016. You can either sow it every day of put it a place where can either take to the bank daily, weekly, 
  • Or give the total at once on or before the end of the fast. 
  • You can also do internet transfer:
    • Account name: Loic special allocation
    • Account no: 901449112118, NUBAN 0049085625
  • For more information about the Guideline for 40 days prayer and fasting CLICK HERE


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