Those that are seeking for the fruit of the womb are asked to come to the altar- husband and wife

Connect yourself to the flow wherever you are. God's power is not constrained by distance

You have three minutes to do what you would do when God answers the prayer requests you have brought before Him.

You have three minutes to do what you would do when God answers the prayer requests you have brought before Him. The requests have been granted by God. What would you do when the manifestation comes? How would you celebrate your answers? You have 3 minutes to do it. It is an act of your faith. Let God know you are grateful for the answers to your prayers.

Yours is the praise, mine is the victory. Satan defeated. Yours is Your praise

2016, INCREDIBLE. That is what the Lord promises us in 2016 and that is what we are going to have.

Those that completed the 40 days are about to be anointed. You not go down from here. You will go upward and forward.


Those who didn’t finish, Daddy is anointing their hands

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Fasting Seed

  • Fasting seed: You are to choose a daily consistent amount of money minimum N100; That you are going to sow as your seed every day during the time of the 40 days fast. The seed is to connect you to ABUNDANCE IN 2016.  Decide the amount make sure it is commensurate with what you expect from God in 2016, You can tie it to things that are ahead of you in 2016. You can either sow it every day of put it a place where can either take to the bank daily, weekly, 
  • Or give the total at once on or before the end of the fast. 
  • You can also do internet transfer:
    • Account name: Loic special allocation
    • Account no: 901449112118, NUBAN 0049085625
  • For more information about the Guideline for 40 days prayer and fasting CLICK HERE


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The Dream centre of the Life Oasis Int’l Church preaches Christ, His birth, His baptism, His works, His teachings, His crucifixion, His millennial reign, His White Throne Judgment, and the New Heavens and the New Earth, when He shall put all enemies under His feet and shall reign eternally, and the Church shall abide with Him forever.


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