٥ Prophetic words for Day 40 - 40 Fasting and Prayer

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Worship songs:

  • Excellent, Wonderful, Mighty God, we worship Him
  • Great is Thy faithfulness
  • I hear the sound of abundance
  1. 1.Sanctify yourself and today’s fast unto the Lord. Thank Him for His goodness and mercy you have enjoyed throughout this fasting period. Thank Him for divine audience and attention given to you.
  2. 2.Bring out your prayer bag as well as your budget for 2012. You are not going to pray about this again. All you need to do is to thank God for what you have written there. Thank Him for giving you all of them. Don’t worry about anything that you have written in it.
  3. 3.I saw a situation- something that has to do with either a school or a hospital- and it was like a deception to use people’s blood for occultic practices. People come in for normal things but behind the scene, the owner of the institute (Hospital or school) is using deceptive means to get things from people. So you are going to pray for yourself that in 2012, you and your children are not going to be victims of satanic donations. You are not going to want to sincerely donate blood and people use such blood for occultic practices.
  4. 4.I want you to take note of these passages very well because in 2012 you will have peculiar experiences beginning from this service- the point of contact will take place from this service. Judges 13:25, The picture I see is my spirit is the coming upon of the Holy Spirit on people at different times and seasons. There are born again Christians that have another spirits ruling them, that make them do strange things they cannot explain themselves and after they have done these, they come to their senses again. The picture I see is the taking over of the Holy Spirit- He will take you over to do unimaginable things and the encounter will start from this service.

The second passage is Luke 1:34-37. Never find yourself saying that something is impossible- it must not come out of your mouth in 2012. You must always declare that with God all things are possible. If God is the Source of it, never say it is impossible.

Luke 4:14- You will return in the power of the Spirit today. Expect the Holy Ghost to come upon you today. Things will happen in your life that will shock the devil. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will say and do what the Father desires of you. This experience will come in 2012 and you  must yield yourself to Him when it comes.

Take hold of these three scriptures- the Lord is sending us into 2012 with them. Things will happen in your life that will shock the devil. The same things you have done that did not work, you will do now and it will work because the Holy Ghost has taken you over. You will see the hand of the Lord in all you do in 2012. Pastors will preach a message they have preached before and they will get a different result because the Holy Ghost will partner with them.

You are returning back after this fast in the power of the Spirit. You have not wasted your time these 40days, you have been with the Lord.

The spirit of poverty will be broken in the lives of God’s people. There are some people, no matter how they work, they don’t come out on the positive side because the spirit of poverty running in their ancestry is affecting them. No matter how much they earn, they don’t come out on the positive side. But the anointing of today is going to break that yoke and another Spirit will begin to work with you- the Spirit of wealth. It is not how well you work that determines your movement or your result in life. It is who is working with you that determines your movement and you result.

Remember the Lord has asked us to operate a savings accounts and there will be a crop of people in this ministry that will operate in millions by doing so (except you don’t open the account). Those people are the ones that will glorify God with their wealth.

I hear a phrase in the spirit: “There is a Spirit with that guy”. That is the testimony that men will say about you. They will come literarily and say there is a Spirit working with you because indeed a spirit will work with you.


Life can be normal and extra ordinarily. The most dangerous thing to do is to see someone that is operating by a higher power doing something natural and you assume that you can do the same thing and expect the same result… no don’t dare.

Now lift your hands to the Lord and bless Him. Let it be a matter between you and God. Evil experiences will be dissolved. Where demons have taken you over, that you do stupid things, an anointing will take you over and you will do things that will create a future, make decisions, investments and practices that will even amaze you. The Holy Spirit will begin to move you

There will be divine taking over in 2012. It will happen regularly and when it does, yield yourself to it and your life will be amazing. The word that is describing 2012 in my spirit is AMAZING. 2012- AMAZING!!! By the time you are through in 2012, you will be amazed at the great things that would have happened in your life. Some of your decisions will look stupid to some people but if it the Spirit that caused you to make such decisions, all shall be amazed at your results. In fact, people will be amazed too. There will be quantum leaps for you. It will mark

Word to the choir:

The Lord wants you to know the difference between the anointed and gifted. To be anointed is Spirit-based and to be gifted is Technical-based. When you combine the two, it will be amazing but you must first know the difference between the two. Many times, gifted people miss the anointing. When you talk of being anointed, it means God taking you over to do great things that are out of this world. God taking over your songs and bring results that are out of this world. When the anointing functions, something beyond the ordinary manifests.

Word for family unit leaders:

I will use the family unit system of the Dream Centre to preserve lives in 2012. Let all family unit leaders be serious for Me and let all take their accountability to the worlds and to the units serious.


I heard the Lord say a seed of the miraculous, not a seed for the miraculous but a seed of the miraculous. He told me He has destined 400 people to sow a seed of 40,000 Naira and there is speed attached to that seed. It is also open to any other that would believe. This would move their lives from the realm of normal and the usual to the realm of the miraculous and there is speed attached. Some will do it today; some within the next 4 hours, some within the next 4 days, 4 weeks and some within 40 days i.e 19th of January 2012. After the 40 days, that cycle will be over. The predictable will give way to the unusual and there is speed attached. The speed of obedience is the speed of manifestation that will come with open evidence. 

I want you to say this aloud: Amazing 2012, welcome!!!! 

Final word: Keep the hour of our prayer (6.30am – 7.30am) be consistent with it. I am sure testimonies will come.

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